Best in Show breeder at the Finnish specialty 2008 4th in Breedersgroup Finnish specialty 2009 BIS 2 Breedersgroup SBU Sweden 2009 2nd Best Group with HP at Finnish specialty2011  
Name Hips Eyes Shows Result Comment
02.03.2018 Finn Noir Jay-Z X Je M'Appelle Trine (5males 1female)
Focus         testicles ok   Exported to Sweden
Forrest         testicles ok
Frazer         Exported to USA
†♀F         died at day7, too weak to live
27.05.2017 Hard Black Ozzy ZKovarny X Je M'Appelle Yxi  (3 males 4 females)
Elton     BOB CAC   testicles ok
Emilio     BOB-puppy/CAC 4thBM   testicles ok
Emir     HP 2nd BM in puppyclass/jun Exc   testicles ok
♀LTJW-18 LTJCh Easy     BOB CAC    
♀CGC Eden     BOW BOB CGC Canine Good Citizen Exported to USA
Ella A/A     0/0   Jun: Exc MH secure of shooting Exported to Sweden
29.03.2017 Apollo de Bruine Buck X Je M'Appelle Trine (5 males 2 females)
Danilo         0 testicles
De Niro     BOB CAC FCI-NHAT testicles ok
Denver         1 testicle
Devon       Herding instinct test testicles ok  Exported to Russia
Diego     BOB-puppy   testicles ok
Dana     BOB-puppy. Jun Exc    
Deborah     VG    
07.06.2016 Je M'Appelle Xanthe X Danielle de Montmirail 2males 3females (1 tervuerenmale)
RTK1 RTK2 Cameo A/A      0/0 clear Open show: BOB BIG-2 RLD RTK1 RTK2 /Under education to become a service dog Tervueren. testicles ok/Neutered

Dog of the year 2018 at ΕKD

Charlie B/B      0/0 clear BOB CAC FCI-HWT PAIM1 testicles ok
Candie B/C      0/0        
Carmen     BOB BIG3 BOB Junior Herding instinct test Exported to Russia
Rus JunCh Catla     BOB BIG2 BIS-Junior. Rus JunCh   Exported to Russia
20.10.2015 Duvel Chopper X Je M'Appelle Trine 1male
Boromir A/A      0/0   BOS-Junior CAC 2nd BM MH secure of shooting testicles ok Exported to Sweden
01.04.2015 Je M'Appelle Xanthe X Danielle de Montmirail 3males 4females (2 tervuerenmales, 1 tervuerenfemale)
Audy B/A      0/0   Specialty: Babyclass 3rd   Tervueren.testicles ok Exported to Sweden
BNAslan Excellent, normal clear Best puppy,WD BOW Obedience BN Tervueren testicles ok. Exported to USA
Aragorn         0 testicles/ Neutered
Ayla B/B      0/0 clear BOB, CACIB, BIS3 MH secure of shooting Tervueren. Exported to Sweden
Alpha Amie         Exported to Estonia
Arielle A/A     0/0 clear  2xCQ 4th BB FKK Charactertest +38 Secure of shooting  
19.04.2014 Je M'Appelle Milton X Danielle de Montmirail 3males 3females
Zakir C/C       0/0 clear Excellent FCI-HWT PAIM2 testicles ok
Zelek A/A       0/0 clear CQ CAC FCI HWT.PAIM2 testicles ok
TLNJW-15 Zino     Jun: BOB CAC BIG3. JUN-CAC BOB-Junior TALLIN JUNIORWINNER 2015 FCI-HWT. PAIM3. Herding cup: 3rd place and team winner testicles ok.(operated for ocd in January 2015) Keratitis
Zalza C/C       0/0   Open show:BOB-puppy open VG    
Zamba   clear Specialty: BB4 RCAC    
Zorba     Open show:2nd Best puppy HP    
18.05.2013 Je M'Appelle Mendez x Danielle de Montmirail  1 female
LTW-18 LTCh Fin Ch EstJCh LtJW-14 Yxi A/A       0/0 clear 3xBOB Lithuanian JW-14, EstJCH 2xCAC CACIB Herding:FCI-HWT. PAIM3 FKK Charactertest +155 FIN CH. Herding cup: team winner  
02.05.2012 A-te-ell's Monsieur Saphin x Je M'Appelle Mira 1 male 1 female
SEW-14 WW-14 Est JW-13  Xanthe B/B        0/0 clear 5xBOB3xCAC 3xCACIB EstJW-13. WORLD WINNER-14 SEW-14 BIS2JUN Specialty.   testicles ok

Used for breeding

RTK1 Xola A/A        0/0   RCAC Obedience ALO 137p 3rd prize. Agility, clear round 4th place Keratitis 12/17
27.05.2011 A-te-ell's Monsieur Yoda x Je M'Appelle Monique 1 male 3 females
†Varg A/A        0/0   CAC, CACIB, BOS   testicles ok Exported to Norway. Dead June-15/ too much temperament.
Vanya A/A        0/0   Specialty:CQ BOB-Junior BIS-Junior. BOB 2xCACIB. Inoff BOB BIG3.   Exported to Sweden
Venus B/B        0/0   BOB CAC MH secure of shooting Used for breeding, Exported to Norway
 EstJCh Baltic juniorwinner 2012,Tallin Junior Winner 2012, Estonian Juniorwinner 2012 Vappu D/C        0/0 clear 3xEstJUN-CAC BOB Junior. BOS Specialty:Jun2 Exc CQ    
31.12.2010 Great Kiri of dark Brightness x Je M'Appelle Norah
16.07.2010 A-te-ell's Monsieur Yoda x Je M'Appelle Mira 3 males 4 females
LtW-13 Thomaz A/A        0/0 clear BOB EstCAC/CACIB LtCAC Latvian Winner 2013 Rallyobedience Alo 92/100p testicles ok
FI TVA DK SE CH TK2 C.I.B C.I.E NordJW-11 Torres B/B        0/0 clear 5xBOB 3xCAC. 5xCACIB BIG BIS3 Nordic Juniorwinner 2011.Swedish and Danish Champion Obedience Champion FI TVA Bloodtracking 1st price and 2nd place. Obedience TK2. Rallyobedience 91/100p.Herding: FCI-HWT,PAIM1. FKK Charactertest +146 - testicles ok/Neutered
†Tristan B/B        0/0   CQ,BOB-Specialty: BOB-Junior BIS-2 Junior. RCAC RCACIB Herding instinct test passed. MH testicles ok. Exported to Sweden                        61x61cm Exteriorexamination 11/13. Dead 280515 Chronic Gastritis
Tamara A/A        0/0 clear Specialty: Very Good Inoff: BOB BIG2   Missing P2
Tirana B/B        0/0 clear 3xBOB CAC 2xBIG4   Used for Breeding
Tootsie B/B        0/0 clear BOS CACIB Specialty:BB4 CQ CAC BOB-Junior BIS-Junior. 1xEST-CAC    
Trine A/A        0/0 clear Specialty: CQ 2nd BB BOB-Youth,BIS-Youth. RCAC   Used for breeding
07.04.2010 A-te-ell's Monsieur Yoda x Je M'Appelle Opal  1 female
Seven A/A        0/0 clear CQ BOB MH Exported to Sweden

Used for breeding

08.10.2008 Je M'Appelle Lex x Je M'Appelle Mimosa 6 males 4 females (Balder has been raised at Kennel Je M'Appelle for several months)
†Balder A/A        0/0 clear 2nd BM CAC/BOS-JUN in specialty   testicles ok. Neutered. Dead 07/18
10.07.2008 Flisdaelen's Drifus x Je M'Appelle Monique 3 males 4 females
†Ramiro         testicles ok. Dead 02/12-08 Lymfon
†Ramses         testicles ok.Neutered 11/09/Dead 12/09 The owner put him to sleep without inform me first.
†Remy         testicles okExported to Sweden Euthanased due to bad hips at 9 months.
C.I.E CMKU Ch Ravenna A/A       1/1 clear 3xBOB 7xCACIB. Specialty CQ   Used for breeding
Raziah C/C       1/0 clear BOS, CAC, Specialty:BOB-Junior,     BIS3 Jun 2nd BB MH Exported to Sweden
†Can Ch Rhonda     6xBOB,Canadian Champion   Exported to Canada      Maldigestion - diagnosed 2011. Dead 01/17 
Roulette     2xBOB, 2xCAC,CACIB,BIG. Specialty CQ Agilty Maxi 3 Hysterectomi
14.02.2008 Cedro de Chimindo x Zeena du Prι du Vieux pont 2 males  2 females
Qamal     BOS CAC Herding instinct test passed testicles ok                                 Exported to Russia Used for breeding
†Quincy         1 testicles(2 at 8weeks) PortaCavaShunt diagn 02/09    (dead 05/13)                                       Exported to Sweden
† Qiana A/A        0/0 clear 3rd Best female RCAC   Dead 09/17 Cancer
28.06.2007 Je M'Appelle Kaszmir x Je M'Appelle Lorette 5 males  1 females
†Pablo         testicles ok/Snakebite Sept/10          Dead Oct/10
Pamir     Jun: EH   testicles ok
†Paxton A/A       0/0

Heart ok 12/10

clear BOS 3xCAC,RCACIB Agility: Maxi 3.  FKKCharctertest +93 . Compets in skijoring Belgian Shepherd Championships 5thplace testicles ok. Dead 01/18 Cancer
†Pegasus A/A       0/0 clear BOS, 4xCAC, 1xCACIB   testicles ok. Dead 12/10 Autopsy -Myocharditis (Heart muscle inflammation)
C.I.E LVCH LWW-11EEW11-BYW-10, Belarus Champion Percy A/A       1/1

Heart ok 12/10

clear 7xBOB 4xVSP 1x BIG4 1xBIG 9xCAC,7xCACIB FKKCharcatertest +25. Ralloyobedience Alo 95/100p testicles ok
† Pearly Bay A/A       0/0

Heart ok 01/11

clear 3xBOS, 3xCAC,2xCACIB   Dead 02/18/Pyometra
30.08.2006 Je M'Appelle Edison x Zeena du Prι du Vieux pont 6 males  3 females (1 male malformed at veterinary check eunthanased at 7 weeks of age)Not  hereditary.
 †BIS SEW-10 O'Gibson A/A       0/0 clear BOB,2xCAC,CACIB,BIG BIS FKK Charactertest+78 testicles ok. Seizures. Dead 04/17
Ohio         1 testicle
†Oman         0 testicles, neutered. Heart diseace diagnosed 2013. Dead 07/13
†Orion         0 testicles Autoimmune disease, euthanasia 06/08
 †Oryx C/C       0 testicles. Dead 07/16
†Olive     EH   Dead june/15/cancer
Oona         Exported to Sweden
C.I.E BH LTW-11 Balt W -09  Opal A/A       0/0 clear 7xBOB 1xBOS 1xBIG4 5xCAC,7xCACIB, BaltW-09 LTW-11 BH. Competes in tracking class1            FKK Charctertest +95 Used for breeding
13.05.2006 Je M'Appelle Kalif x Je M'Appelle Hvita 1 male  5 females
Nunez A/A       0/0 clear 7xBOB 3xBOS, 6xCAC 3xCACIB    FKK Charactertest +82. Exterior examination passed testicles ok
Nadine A/A       0/0 clear Puppyclass:2:nd Best female with HP, Intermm: 2nd Best female CAC,CACIB Agility: Maxi 2  
† Narcissa B/B       0/0 clear Belgian specialty: BOB junior, BIS junior, CQ. BB2 RCAC, RCACIB   Broken leg 05/10/ Dead 01/18
Neona C/B       0/0        
 †Noella B/B       0/0 clear VSP BOS CAC   keratitis diagnosed 2011/ Dead 09/18
†BH Norah B/B       0/0 clear Puppyclass: BOS.         Excellent 4thBest female BH, Agility Maxi 3        4xSM 0 2012

FKK Charactertest +125    

Used for breeding/ Dead 09/17 Cancer
27.02.2005 Debelisi Oregano x Zeena du prι du Vieux Pont, 4 males  7 females
†Mango B/B       0/0

Knees ok

clear CQ BOS MH-tested, secure of shooting testicles ok Exported to Sweden                            keratitis diagnosed 2012. Dead 120914
† Melwin A/A       0/0       testicles ok/Dead 01/19

FinCh BH Nordjv-05 Eujw-06 Fin Agch Fin jumpch Mendez

A/A       0/0 clear  2xBOB, 1xCACIB 3xCAC, Nordic Juniorwinner 2005,. European Juniorwinner 2006.  BH,Fin AgiCH. FKK Charactertest +140p  HERDING WORKING TEST - FCI-HWT, PAIM3

World-team Champion

testicles ok

Used for breeding

†Milton A/A       0/0 clear BOS, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB BOB-VET   testicles ok Broken leg 2006/ Dead 04/16 of age

Used for breeding

Margosa A/A       1/1   2xBOB 2xCACIB MH Exported to Sweden
†Maretta         Broken leg as a puppy.Dead 06/13
†Meduza B/A      0/0       Dead summer 2015
Mim A/A      0/0 clear Jun: Exc, BB4 MH Exported to Sweden
†Mimosa A/A      0/0 clear Match Show/ 2:nd Best Female FKK Charactertest -16 Used for breeding.  Dead 2015 sickness from ticks
†Mira B/A      0/0 clear 3xCAC, 1xBOB, 1xBOS FKK Charactertest +80 Used for breeding Dead 12/13 (Cancer)
† FinjW W-05 Fin W-05 Monique A/A      0/0 clear BOS,CAC, FINJuniorwinner 2005, FINWinner 2005   Used for breeding Snakebite june-13/Anaplasma diagnosed 2014/ Dead 12/18
11.05.2004 Fakaiser's Allex x Je M'Appelle Hvita, 4 males  3females
†Lando A/A      0/0       testicles ok (dead 05/13)

Exported to Sweden

†Lex A/B      0/0 clear EH   testicles ok (dead 11/8 2012 braintumour)

Used for breeding

Lotus A/A       testicles ok


BH TK1 Lucifer A/A      0/0 clear 1xBOB, 2xCAC BH.Best Beginner Workingdog 2006 in Riihimδen seudun Kennelkerho. Obedience TK1. Competes in tracking class 1 testicles ok
H.I.C Livia A/A      0/0 clear BOSpuppy, Match Show: BIS. BelgSpec: 1Exc BOS-Junior, CQ 2:nd Best Female Exteriorexamination passed.  Herding Cert (HIC) Exported to Australia

Used for breeding

†Liza     Puppyclass/Best female 2 HP   Accident in dec-04, both frontlegs broken.Dead 03/16 of age
†EstjW-05 Lorette A/A      0/0 clear ESTJW-05 junCAC BOB Junior, Open: 2:nd Best female RCAC, RCACIB. Specialty Vet exc4 CQ. FKK Charactertest +146p Used for breeding. Dead 180815 pyometra
28.02.2004 Greco Comme Un Reve Noir x Zeena du Prι du Vieux Pont, 4males  3females
†BH EstW-07 Kalif B/B      0/0 clear BOB-puppy, 4th in group/Jun: 1xBOB,1xBOS 5xCAC, 1xCACIB ESTV-07 Belgian specialty 3 Exc BOB-VET Match show BIS-Veteran BH,Agility: Maxi1. Mφlli/Maxi-Agility-Seuranmestari 2005 FKK charactertest +125 Obedience ALO 151p testicles ok. Ganulomatoosi enkelfaliiti.(infection in brainmembrane since 2008) Dead 12/14 (Cancer)

Used for breeding

 † BH TK 1Kaszmir A/A      0/0 clear 3xBOB1xBOS 3xCAC.2xCACIB Belgian Specialty: Open 1Exc 2:nd Best male. BH. Obedience ALO 177p (3x1st prize)TK1                   FKKCharactertest +140 testicles ok /Dead 03/17

Used for breeding

† Kipling         testicles ok Exported to USA. Total hip replacement Aug.07. Eyelid surgery-05, Probably D-hips in Finland.Dead 03/17
†Kwai A/A      0/0 clear BOBpuppy   one testicle. Neutered, arthrosis. Chronic ehrlishios,seizures. Seizure free during treatment with antibiotics.Dead 05/16
† Keepsake B/A      1/1 clear BOSpuppy/Open: RCAC  RCACIB   cruciate ligament surgery in August 2010/Dead 03/17 Pyometra
Kitty         Exported to Estonia
 †BH Kornelia A/A       0/0

Knees ok

Heart ok (Oct-10)

clear 2xBOB 1xBOS, 4xCAC BelgSpeciality: BOB BIS3 BH. Obedience ALO 132,5p.  Agility: Maxi3 Used for breeding,                      

Hysterectomi (Pyometra) Dead 11/13

14.02.2003 Tete Noir Babil x Zeena du Prι du Vieux Pont 1 female
†Jade C/C       0/0 clear BelgSpecialty:  Puppyclass/Best Female HP..Youth:3:d Best Female  RCAC FKKcharactertest +54 Dead 110816
13.02.2003 Greco Comme Un Reve Noir x Je M'Appelle Hvita 4 males  2females
†Ibsen D/C      0/1 clear Puppyclass/Best male   testicles ok. Dead 08/13 (cancer)
†Ice     Puppyclass/Best male2 HP. Jun Exc   testicles ok. Exported to Sweden.Neutered, .Protein deficiensy

Dead 04/10


 †If         testicles ok, allergic reactions. Dead 09/18 of age
†IQ D/D      0/0 clear (PPM Iris) 1xBOB1xBOS,2x CAC   testicles ok. Arthros in both hips. Neutered. Euthanasia sept-06
†Idealistic B/C      0/0     clear Puppyclass: BOB. Jun:Best Bitch2, CAC Obedience ALO 1st prize 167p

Agility Maxi2

Hysterectomi/Dead 06/11
†Rus Ch CzecCh Ilona Xrayed in Russia. free hips and elbows  

3xBISj, 2xBISp, BISS, 2xBJ, BOBS, 2xBOS, BOSS, 2xBP, CAC, CACIB, CCC, Club Ch., 5xCW, JCH


Training IPO

Exported to Russia (dead 03/16)

Used for breeding

21.07.2000 Black Shock Bodyguard  x  A-te ell's Madame Coco Chanel 2 males 1 females   
†Hassan       Agility one testicle. Dead 220512
†Hamid         one testicle/hooktail. Cancer in hidden testicle at 9,5 years of age. Neutered. Dead 11/13
†Hvita A/A      0/0 clear 1/1CK/Best female 5 FKK charactertest +84 Used for breeding, Hysterectomi 2008. Dead 02/15
14.06.1999 Valkohampaan Blancodiente  x  A-te ell's Madame Coco Chanel  4males   
†Garion A/A      0/0 clear tourist class, HP unofficial tracking/level 2 one testicle, Neutered, cancer in hidden testicle at 9years of age Dead 06/13 of age.
†Gaston   clear Puppyclass/2Best male2   testicles ok, underbite.Neutered. Dead 12/10
†Gismo         one testicle/dead 2002 (eutanasia)bad character
†Goliath A/A clear tourist class, HP/Best male 2 Agility 2:nd place (inoff) one testicle, Neutered. Dead 030909 (cancer).
02.06.1999 Rocky du Loriers  x  Je M'appelle Esmeralda   1male  1female  
†Figaro A/B clear Open: EH   testicles ok, dead 08/09
†Fiona         dead 05/2004  liver disease
28.05.1997 A-te ell's Monsieur Baron  x  Je M'appelle Ce'Nedra  2males 6females  
†VWW-08 Edison A/A clear BOB/CACIB/BOB-VET.Belgian specialty:    BOS-VET. VWW-2008 Rolt 6p/ riitδvδ/Agility 4:th place testicles ok,1x p1 missing

Used for breeding              Dead 240612 of age

†Elliot         one testicle/dead 1999 (eutanasia)
†Elanah A/A (unofficial)   2 Rolt 4p Hysterectomi. Dead 08/14
†Enya     2   dead 1999 (eutanasia)
†Esmeralda B/C clear CK/ BOS-Vet RCAC Rolt 0p spondylosis. Dead 210907 Cancer in stomage

Used for breeding

†Estelle     Puppyclass/4   broken hip by accident/dead 1998 (eutanasia)
†Evelina A/A clear CK/HP R-Best female   spondylosis, hysterestomi, dead 080808
†Ezta     1/2   hysterectomi Dead 2011 of age
06.05.1996 Je M'appelle Bino  x  A-te ell's Madame Coco Chanel    1male  4females
†Digit   clear 1/HP Rolt7p/FKKcharactertest +75 testicles ok. dead 11/2000 (autoimmune disease)
†Dinah     1/HP Rolt8p/FKKcharactertest +54 Dead (of age)
†Diva     1/4   dead 02/04
†Dixie A/A clear BOS/CACIB, VSP-VET Rolt 5p/Obedience 1 prize Dead 30.10.2012
†Dominique     1/1 HP   Dead 14.12.2010
01.06.1994 Rocky du Loriers  x  A-te-ell's Madame Coco Chanel    2males  3females 
†Casper A/A (unofficial)     Rolt 7p one testicle/dead 04/05 cancer in hidden testicle at 10 years 0fage
†Castal A/A(unofficial)       testicles ok, dead 1998 (eutanasia) Neutered
†Cerah         dead 1995 (eutanasia)
†Ce`Nedra A/A clear     dead 1997(drowned)

Used for breeding

†Cynic   clear 1/2, CK, BOB(open show) Rolt5p FKK Charactertest+82 1x p1 missing. Hysterectomi         dead 02/08
06.05.1988 Iti a-te ell du domaine des noirs  x  Acktiva Genna   4males  2females  
Name Hips Eyes Shows Result Comment
†Belladonna     1/1   Dead (of age)
†Benson     2   testicles ok, dead 08/1990(eutanasia)
†Benjamin H*   2 Obedience 1 prize testicels ok, dead 1999
†Bianca     2   dead 1999
†Bino A/A clear 2 Obedience 3 prize testicles ok, dead 11/2000

Used for breeding

†Blixten         testicles ok,dead 27/8 2003