Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury"

Stockholm Winner Show 10.12.2006

Fury was the only Gun Lake representative at this big show and he did do very well. He was second best male after the group winner dog.

Congratulations to the swedish certificate!!

Jag / Fury / Jumjum / Tia

Had a great weekend in Helsinki Winner Show 9.12.2006

Gun Lake Do You Mind, Junior Winner 2006 (Crufts q.)

Gun Lake Blue Lagoon, Third Best Male with res-cert

Gun Lake Did You Do It, Second in junior class with excellent

Thornapple Hot Wheels, BOS and Winner 06 (Crufts q.)


Gun Lake Twist And Shout "Red"

8 october 2006

Obedience 177p and new title TK1

11 november 2006

Red took one more new title HK1



Gun Lake Breakedancer "Elmer"

15 october 2006

Elmer Took his second title HK1


Oulu 28 october 2006

"Jag" puppies born

Kennel Kia-Rina

   UK, Wales 24 september 2006

"Jag" puppies born

Kennel Shenkiri

Eckerö 24 september 2006

Gun Lake Nice Touch "Tessi"

First place in agility maxi 2 class.

She goes up to maxi 3!!


Eckerö 23 september 2006

Gun Lake Thorns Cinnamon "Gandhi"

Vara Certificate

Eckerö 23 september 2006

Thornapple Hot Wheels "Jag" BOB

Gun Lake Don Sebastian "Jake" Certificate

Gun Lake Did You Do It "Tia" Vara Certificate

Porvoo 17 september 2006

Gun Lake Twist and Shout "Red"

Obedience 1 price 174p

Estonia 4 september 2006

Gun Lake Dancing Queen "Tinny"


Helsinki 3 september 2006

Gun Lake Thorns Saffron "Jaffa" BOS + cert

Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury" second best male vara cert. Fury has taken nice placements in the Finnish aussie show specials, in Aussie Openshow he took second best male in blue merle male class (total 24 blue merle males).

  Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury"
Sweden 3 september 2006

Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

Took obedience 1 price in victory class (class 3)

and goes up to elite class. Only 16 months old!!

Borgå 27 august 2006

Gun Lake Twist and Shout "Red"

Obedience 1 price 182p 

Kuopio 4-6 august 2006

Thornapple Hot Wheels "Jag" BOB all 3 days and short listed in the group finals and on saturday he got the second group placement.

Gun Lake Don Sebastian "Jake" got certificate x 2

Our puppies:

Gun Lake Did You Do It "Tia"

Gun Lake Do You Mind "Jumjum"

Got BOB & BOS puppy every day

KOTKA 2006

Gun Lake Don Sebastian "Jake"



Jumjum / Jake / Jorpes

Had a great weekend in Karjaa and Salo 8-9.7.2006

Gun Lake Do You Mind BOB puppy both days!!

Gun Lake Don Sebastian, Second Best Male with cert, both days!!

Gun Lake Thorns Pancake, BOB in Salo and BOS in Karjaa!!

Gun Lake Breakdancer "Elmer" got new title BH

Gun Lake Twist and Shout "Red" got new title BH

Gun Lake Thorns Pancake "Jorpes" got new title TK1

Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason" Class winner Appel 292p !!

EU JW-06 Gun Lake Don Sebastian "Jake"
Our new star Gun Lake Don Sebastian "Jake" took a new title:

Junior Europe Winner 2006

Helsinki 10 june 2006

Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

BOB + cert

Norway 10 june 2006

"Jag" our king, who is wonderful, pleasant and simply the best male has

now taken 2 new titles when he passed the mental test!

AM CH, FIN CH, SWE CH, NORDV-03, V-04, SV-04, V-05

Thornapple Hot Wheels "Jag"

Gun Lake Do You Mind ""Jumjum" took second best place in Puppy group!


"Jorpes" has got 2 new titles: BH and FIN CHAMPION
BH FIN CH Gun Lake Thorn's Pancake "Jorpes"

got BIG-1 at our club show


Congratulation to:

passed mental test

Gun Lake Thorn's Cinnamon


Congratulation to:

passed mental test

Gun Lake Thorn's Vanilla



Harjavalta 14 may 2006

Gun Lake Royal Smile "Joey"

Second best male res-cert


Gun Lake Is It Love "Shakira"

Göteborg Puppy Show

April 2006

336 entries

Brains and beauty
22-23 april 2006

Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury"

Estonia, Sillamäe

Junior cert, BOB Junior and BOB


Gun Lake Thorns Pancake "Jorpes"

Two days obedience class winner 182 and 186 points.

The year JULLE CUP winner!

Gun Lake Step dancer "Jason"

Was in Norway and did It again!

BOB +cert, later the same day Jason was on a obedience (class 2) and he going in victory class (class 3) next time, only 1 year old!!

17 april 2006, Lappeenranta

Gun Lake Twist and Shout "Red"

Congratulation to Red's certificate and to the wonderful judge critic. Only 3 Aussies out of 13 got excellent!

1 april 2006, RAKVERE

Judge: Natalia Sedöh

Gun Lake Dancing Queen "Tinny"

BOS +cert, only one certificate left to be junior champion

BOB/BIS Caitland Isle Take a Chance

"Jag" at CRUFTS

Birmingham 9 march 2006

Now, we have happily returned back from our wonderful visit to Crufts in Birmingham England. This year, the competitors in the Aussie ring was really something. Everyone spoke about the participants in the Open Dog Class.
There was a big gathering in order to watch this year's Aussies and the most successful males in the breed. A big audience, BBC, journalists everyone was there to watch when the very best of the world's Aussie dogs competed for glory and honour. The Open Dog class had 25 participants from different countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Finland, Sweden Germany, Italy and
Denmark. Each and every one of them totally awesome!
The English judge Mrs. L M Bestowed all the participants with a thorough and knowing eye. She selected 8 males out of the original 25. Our Jag, was one of the lucky guys. Wonderful!!!
Our neighboring countries from Scandinavia, Sweden and Denmark did not do so well unfortunately.
In England, the rule says that 3 dogs are placed. I did not get any of these three positions but I am so proud that we and our Jag were in this show as far as we did..
Because, there were so many beautiful dogs that just did not make it to the second round.
I have to add, that we are so proud that it was Jag who represented Scandinavia in the second and last round. A small.. but very welcome revenge after Sweden beating Finland in the Olympic Hockey Games! Not to mentioned Jag's loss against a Danish male in the show for a Nordic Title!

The last news from the Gun Lake youngsters!

Gun Lake Step dancer "Jason"; Sweden

1 price obedience only 10 months old

Gun Lake Dancing Queen "Tinny"; Estonia

Junior Certificate

Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury"; Estonia

Junior Certificate & BOB

Gun Lake Breakdancer "Elmer"; Orimattila

1 place Match show

Gun Lake Carmen Miranda "Lexie"; Sweden

BOS at her first puppie show, BOB in next

Match show, Åland 14 Feb. 2006

Gun Lake Thorns Pancake "Jorpes"



Turku International Dog Show

21 january 2006


Kennel Gun Lake Wish you all the best