11 Puppies born 27 november 2008


Gun Lake Islands Izaac   (male)  *sold



Gun Lake Islands Victor   (male)  *Available



Gun Lake Islands Bryan   (male) *sold




Gun Lake Islands Emil   (male)  *sold



Gun Lake Islands Hans   (male) *sold



Gun Lake Islands Cliff   (male)  *Available



Gun Lake Islands Skye   (bitch)  *sold



Gun Lake Islands Julia   (bitch)  *sold



Gun Lake Islands Greta   (bitch)  *Available



Gun Lake Islands Ebba    (bitch)  *sold



Gun Lake Islands Hannah    (bitch)  *sold





Litter 27 november 2008

AKC/ASCA/CKC Ch Lyric´s Night And Day "Cole"        &          Gun Lake Did You Do It "Tia"

Colorado                                                                                       Åland

Sweden, 12 october 2008

N-, S-, FIN CH, NORD CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

SWE obedience champion!!

Sweden, 27 september 2008

Gun Lake Tango For Two "Bubba"

Passed the security military training program!

Riihimäki 14 september 2008

Gun Lake Tjo Hoo "Thara"

BOB Puppy

Narvik, 6 september 2008

Judge Harri Tast

N-, S-, FIN CH, NORD CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"


Torneå 10 augusti 2008

N-, S-, FIN CH, NORD CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

Saarijärvi 9 augusti 2008

Finnish national Specialty, Judge: Sheila Polk

Gun Lake Tjo Hoo "Thara"

BOB puppy

Sweden 8 July 2008

Herding competition

NUCH SUCH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

3 place

see the movie click here

Sweden 22 June 2008

N CH S CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

Sweden Show Champion!

BHK Malmen, Sweden, 14 june 2008

Swedish working class, , N CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason", has this weekend advanced to the highest tracking class in the  Swedish working class. There is 4 different classes in Sweden, and you need enough points to advance, in the highest class you get cert if you get enough points, and you need 3 cert to become a working champion.
The Swedish working class is 3 different parts, tracking 1500m with 8 wooden sticks they should take, a part with searching, they should find 4 different things on a field, and obedience, so you need a dog that can work the hole day! Jason won his class and is now in the highest class ”ELIT class tracking”

BHK Malmen, Sweden, Sunday 15/6-08, International obedience competition.  Jason, N CH Gun Lake Stepdancer,  got a first price in the highest obedience class ”Elit class”  and he also won the class so he got his first CACIOB! Now he only need one more first price to become a Swedish obedient champion, and one more CACIOB in an other country to become international obedience champion!

Helsinki 14 June 2008

BH TK1 TK2 HK3 Gun Lake Twist And Shout "Red"

First price 278p

Palveluskoira koe (haku)


photo Tomppa

    Helsinki 9 June 2008

BH TK1 HK3 Gun Lake Breakedancer "Elmer"

Team Obedience FM


photo Tiina Mielonen

Helsinki 24 May 2008

LVW-07, FIN, LV & EST CH Gun Lake Blue Lagoon "Fury"

RES Cacib

Somero 24 May 2008

Mental test 172 p. JW-06 Gun Lake Do You Mind "Jumjum"

Åland 18 May 2008

Best In Show In A Inoff. Show

FIN, S CH TK2 Gun Lake Thorns Pancake "Jorpes"

  Zorro Cup 10 may 2008

Gun Lake Nice Touch "Tessi"

First place in agility maxi 2 class.

She goes up to maxi 3!!



Sweden 10 may 2008

N CH Gun Lake Stepdancer "Jason"

Korad 344p Big congrats to the nice points!



BH TK1 TK2 HK3 Gun Lake Twist And Shout "Red"

Class Winner ! 260p

PORVOO 7 May 2008

Obedience Winner Class

1 price! 274,5p


Vasa 27 May 2008

Gun Lake Did You Do It "Tia"

cert, res cacib


Tanmarks Back To My Roots "Pontus"

Our new member, soon he has his own site, look for more pictures and information about our new boy Pontus, under "our aussies"...

BOB puppy


Dam: Thornapple Not Guilty "Katti"

Sire: Thornapple Hot Wheels "Jag"

Puppies born 24 february 2008


Gun Lake Oo La La La 

Gun Lake Tjo Hoo

 Gun Lake Si Si Boomba

   Gun Lake Ripp Ripp Rapp

Gun Lake Jim Jam

 Gun Lake Coco Loco

The puppies born 24 february 2008


Åland Match show january 2008

Second best in Show

FIN, S CH TK2 Gun Lake Thorns Pancake "Jorpes"


Turku 27 january

RES Cacib