About the kennel



Kennel Eastfarm prefix was registered 1987 and it comes from the place where I grew up that is called Eastfarm's. My parents had a litter of Golden retrievers registered in this prefix, that was the A-litter of Eastfarm.

I have always liked spaniels, their look, the mild expression and the happy mind and I wanted a more rare spaniel so that was one of the reasons that I chose the Welsh springer spaniel.

When I in the autumn 1994 bought my first Welsh springer puppy I didn't have any plans to start breeding. My first welsh was FIN CH Don's Nevertheless "Nancy". A year later I decided to buy another one. In the autumn 1995 she came INT FIN N DK SU(U)CH Don's Top Of The Pops "Sassa" that was going to be the broodbitch of the kennel. In the summer 2000 I bought my other broodbitch Rwyn Jacqueline "Malva".


I have so far bred 16 litters since 1998. Eastfarm is a small kennel in home-enviroment. The dogs live inside the house as familymembers and the purpose with the breeding is to achieve healthy welshies with nice exteriors and nice temperaments.  About a litter a year is born here and the combinations are done with lots of consideration and care. The puppies grow up in the house-enviroment so that they get the important socialtraining that is needed. When the puppies are ready to move they are registered in the Finnish Kennel Club, vaccinated against Parvo, ID-marked and dewormed. With the puppy follows also papers how to raise, vaccinate and other small things that can make the dogownership more pleasant and also food for the first days. It is important for me to keep a good contact with the puppybuyers and follow the puppies developement and support if it is needed. I am member of the Finnish kennel club, Finnish spaniel club, Swedish welsh springer club.

Eastfarm dogs have been exported around the world to countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Hungary and Australia.

If you are interested in the dogs or about the breed you are more than welcome to contact me.