Eastfarm's Z-litter


  C.I.B C.I.E FI EE SE U(U) CH Eastfarm's Lily Of The Valley "Lova" and Rysan's Requested By Eastfarm "Aramis" (imp USA)

litter was born 22 of January 2017.

6 puppies, 3 males (Zachary, Zimpzon, Zephyrus) and 3 females (Zamantha, Zaphira, Zelinda)

A female is still avaiable due to a late cancellation! Please call +3584575267070 or send email to malin.eastfarm@gmail.com


Eastfarm's Zamantha 10 weeks still looking for her loving home


E. Zachary

E. Zephyrus

E. Zimpzon

E. Zamantha

E. Zaphira

E. Zelinda

Zimpzon, Zephyrus & Zachary

Zaphira, Zamantha & Zelinda


Zimpzon, Zephyrus & Zachary (Zachary is available to a showhome, or in co-ownership)

Zaphira, Zamantha & Zelinda


Both parents are happy, outgoing dogs with a lot of will to please and good retrievers.


Sire: Rysan's Requested By Eastfarm "Aramis"

Hips: A     Eyes: clear (distichiasis)

2 x CC and approved hunting ability test



Eastfarm's Lily Of The Valley "Lova"

Hips: A       Eyes: clear (distichiasis)



Pedigree of the Z-litter


When the puppies are ready to move they are registered in the Finnish Kennelclub, dewormed, vaccinated, checked by veterinarian and ID-marked.

As we are living on an island and it is quite far to go by boat we are willing to transport the puppy to the mainland if needed.