Eastfarm's M-litter


Prince and Mimmi's puppies were born 06.04.2009 and they are now already 7 weeks old. All of the pups are spoken for.


The males 7 weeks

Eastfarm's Metropolitan "Morgan"

Eastfarm's Mojito "Malte"

Eastfarm's Midnight Sun "Magnum"

Eastfarm's Manhattan "Mowgli"


The bitches 7 weeks

Eastfarm's Marigold "Moa"

Eastfarm's Magnolia "Madicken"

Eastfarm's Mimosa "Meggie"


The males 6 weeks

Morgan & Malte

Magnum & Mowgli


The bitches 6 weeks

Moa & Madicken


The puppies and their cousin Lova


The males 5 weeks

Morgan & Malte

Magnum & Mowgli


The bitches 5 weeks

Moa & Madicken



3 weeks old (Lova is visiting)

The males and the bitches 5 days old

The males and the bitches 2 days old


About the parents:

Sire: SU(U)CH Don's Paparazzi

Hips: A      Eyes: Checked clear

Merits: see the title

Dam: Eastfarm's Imagination

Hips: A       Eyes: Checked clear

Merits: 7 x CC, 1 x res-CC, 4 x BOB, 2 x BOS

Pedigree of the puppies:

SU(U)CH Don's Paparazzi A Don's Dalesman H Don's Thunderstruck H
NUCH Metzgard's Bright Starshine H
Cleavehill Princess Patsy B GB SH CH Torcello Quelle Chance De Russethill
Cleavehill Rhianna
Eastfarm's Imagination A Eastfarm's Flying Daemon B SU(U)CH Cleavehill Robin Hoods Bay B
FIN SU(U)CH Eastfarm's Deeply In Love B
FIN UCH Hammalgårdens Seastar At Eastfarm A Eastfarm's Blue Seven Seas A
SU(U)CH SVCH Hammalgårdens Sweet And Sour A


When the puppies are ready for moving into their new homes they are registered in the Finnish Kennel Club, dewormed, vaccinated, examinated by veterinarian and ID-marked with microchip.

You will also get food (start package), foodlist and other practical advice for your new friend.