Boat- and shipbuilding

The galleass Albanus, the schooner Linden and the sailing well-boat Jehu were built at the Maritime Quarter. Some thirty other wooden craft of various kinds have also been built here.

During winter 2003-04 a traditional work-boat from the island group of Kökar was built, with the assistance of two apprentices. It is intended to be used mainly for giving young people opportunities of sailing a traditional boat. It will have two masts with spry-sails or one mast with a spry or gaff sail and was launched in spring 2004.

In spring 2003 an early 19th century type sailing well-boat was launched, and three skiffs were built in the summers of 2002 to 2003.

In winter 2002-03 a so-called "fembelbåt" was built, a type thought to be the predecessor of the farm-boat. 10 metres long, it is built with only five strakes per side, the ends of the first two strakes being shaped with an axe. Rigged with the customary square-sail, it was launched in June 2003.

From autumn 1998 to spring 2001 the museum-ship Sigyn underwent thorough restoration here. Built in 1887, the Sigyn is a three-masted barque, 45 metres long. She now lies in Turku/Åbo.

In 2006 and 2007 two traditional farm-boats (storbåt), an 11 m long clinker-built, gaffrigged open wooden boat were launched. This type of boat were mainly used for markettrips and fishing.

In 2008 - 2009 was one 6 m long "gavelbåt" and one 5 m "kökarjulla" built.

The building of two traditional work-boats started in the autumm 2011 and was completed in the late spring 2012.

The building of a traditional wooden Åland-style work boat will start in the summer 2014.

Other projects include the restoration of a shark-cutter and several smaller crafts. The galleass Hoppet was in the Maritime Quarter in 2012 to get a new rigging.