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Academic Whisky Club

Academic Whisky Club (AWC) is a Whisky club, open for everybody who is interested in whisky. The club has subclubs in Helsinki, Kuopio, Åland and Facebook. The Club president is Gard Larpes. AWC was founded 1994 in Helsinki Finland by academical students.

The idea is not only the enjoyment of color, tastes and flavors, but also the enjoyment of the gathering and the analysis of the knowledge of the reasons to the differences and characterics.

A tasting meeting includes a theoretical part, where we talk about the basics of whisky (history, production, regions, etc.), and a tasting, which should be somehow related to the theoretical part. During the tasting there are usually four whiskies tasted. The prices of the tasting depends on the prices of the whiskies, usually price is € 10. AWC has earlier mostly concentrated on Scotch single malt whiskies, but has lately done some research in other regions such as USA. AWC does also some special tastings, where we taste and talk about Irish, American Bourbon, Scotch Blended, Rye, Japanese, and other interesting whiskies.

AWC is in contact with several other whisky enthusiasts, such as the Scotch Single Malt Society in Scotland, the Uisge Beatha Club in Estonia, and the Scotch Single Malt Circle in Germany.

AWC is also in contact with some whisky importers and agents in Finland, as well as distilleries in the global world of whisky.