our place

En lugn plats på landet

Hiljainen paikka maaseudulla

A quiet place on the countryside

Ein ruhiges Plätzchen auf dem Lande



Welcome to the Pengel cottages


You will find our cottage on the countryside about 33 km:s from Mariehamn, 9 km:s from the fortress of Bomarsund, 12 km:s from the golf course, the castle of Kastelholm, the prison museum the White Bear and the outdoor museum Jan Karlsgården all in the village of Kastelholm in the municipality of Sund.

If You are looking for a quiet place on the countryside, we can recommend our Grandma's cottage for You on Your holiday. We only have one big house for renting and we have sheep and a cat, so it is almost like living on a farm. For the children we have a playing-ground with a sandpit, swings, a boat for the children to play in, a play-hut and a bigger play-room for rainy days. During Your stay in Grandma's cottage You can freely use our rowing boat. The boat-bridge is about 2 km and the beach 1,5 km from the cottages. You can also use our sauna during Your visit.

Very welcome to our cottages wishes You

Christina, Günter and Emma