Tvrummet 1 i Farmors stuga

En lugn plats på landet

Hiljainen paikka maaseudulla

A quiet place on the countryside

Ein ruhiges Plätzchen auf dem Lande



On the first floor we now have a TV-room where You can gather together in the evenings or on a rainy days to look at TV or to play different kinds of game. We have a second toilet upstairs and You have a second coffee-machine and a second water boiler there, so You won't have to run downstairs if You want to have a nice cup of thea in the evening.

This year we have also finished the fourth room on the firs floor. It is the biggest of our bedrooms and we have the possibility to put one extra bed into that room and the sofa in the TV-room has room for two more if nessesary. So if You want to visit us with a smaller group, that is bigger than 8 people, there are extra beds for You. The golf course is only 12 km:s from our place.