Hunting and Fishing Museum

A museum for the whole family


Welcome to Åland Hunting and Fishing Museum. The museum is situated in Käringssund, Eckerö beside the old fishing harbour by the sea.

In the museum various scenes come alive from a time when everyday life of the islanders depended on the yield from the sea or the forest. The museum is dedicated to hunting and fishing, but it is also about the nature and how people lived and survived on the islands.

For the children we have a variety of mounted birds and animals to explore and some mounted fish too! We have activities as pearl digging and Herring market. In the old Herring marketplace your children can play and imagine how it was on an old marketplace with apples, fish, butter, salt and bread for sale. Familydiscount on the admissionfee.

Have a look under Visitorsinfo, there you will find more information about Whats on at the museum.




Opening hours 2015:

11.5-7.6 and 17-29.8 Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00

Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00

Phone: +358-18-38299

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